Zombies on my back


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So I run, run, run, run
The towns behind me burn, burn
And I hide, hide, hide, hide
But they’re still on my back

So I ride, ride, ride, ride
My old Triumph keeps me alive
But they’re close, close, close, close
It’s just like an overdose

yeah I’ve got zombies on my back
Zombies all around
Zombies on my back
I may not get out off the track...

So they eat, eat, eat, eat
some brains and heart and fresh meat
yeah it’s creep, creep, creep, creep
Yeah I’m just a piece of meat...

So I run, run, run, run
And now I know there’s no return
And they Bite, bite, bite bite
I’m gonna be like them tonight...

Yeah I’m a zombie, watch your steps !
Zombie, on your back !
Zombie, hunting flesh !
With me there is no escape ! (x2)


from The Bokit's Mojo, released February 1, 2016




The Wild Zombies Toulouse, France

One creepy night deep in the Dom-Tom, 4 musicians were haunted and penetrate by the spirit of Mary Lavaux, they became Wild Voodo zombies, a rock n'roll, trashblues Mojo...

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